Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Visiting the Elder Center

We visited the Elder Center of Santiago Atitlan where they feed 58 people 3 times a week and send food home later. They were beautiful. These people have lived through the brutal repressive war against them. You can see so much experience and wisdom in their faces. We had the opportunity of helping to serve the meal. Each person got a drink, 7 tortillas (made fresh right there) and a bowl of meat, potato and broth. Many of these people don't have anyone to help them at home. This center serves a huge service to the community. There is no social safety net in Guatemala, like we have in the U.S. This reminds us how fortunate we are.
The elders waiting for their meals

 Sue and Matt with one of the elders.
Bernabella and Mari making tortillas for the elders.
One of the beautiful elders.

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