Monday, January 23, 2017

Guatemala Trip 2017

January 19, 2017
We began our trip in Antigua the beautiful spanish colonial town. Traveling are: Donna Goodlaxson, Bob Brose, Sue Gerlach, Allen Freiermuth, Matt Buetow, Brenda Betz- Stoltz and me - Jody. It's great to have 3 board members Donna, Brenda and me and also Sue our coffee business manager. I'm especially thrilled to have my son Matt along.
We traveled across the beautiful Lake Atitlan on a boat- lancha arriving at the Posada de Santiago where we'll make our home base for 4 nights.
crossing Lake Atitlan
Bob, Donna, Sue and Allen with the fabulous Delores Ratzan- tour guide. Delores showed them around Santiago Atitlan explaining the history, and Maya spirituality.
We are here to distribute the 22 scholarships to the students and to visit their families, homes and hear more about their lives.
We spent Saturday visiting scholarship kids and families in their homes. It is very humbling to see their homes, their lives and hear about how the scholarships help them attend school.
Sue visiting with Diego and his daughters Cristina and Aracely-scholarship students.

The Sicay family

Meeting on the street with members of the Weavers' Committee- the scholarship group.

Francisco and Rosa the leaders of the Committee. Lola, Nicolasa and Sheny all university students. We brought them all calendars.
These families are so generous opening their homes for us. We asked Rosa, one of the leaders of the group, what we could bring to the families when we visit. I wondered oranges or a watermelon. Rosa said corn and beans. They need the daily staples more than special foods.
The families that own their homes, the land and home were passed down from their parents and probably generations before that. Today land is so expensive that it's impossible for most families to buy. The land is divided up and more floor built up on the homes when possible to accomodate for the families growing.
I'm running off so more later.

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