Monday, January 23, 2017

Fiesta with Scholarship Families

January 22, 2017
We had a celebration with the 22 scholarship kids and their families. It was a beautiful sunny morning in Santiago Atitlan when the families arrived to the Posada where we had our gathering. Twenty five years ago, Farmer to Farmer started working with this group- The Weavers Committee.

We spent time talking about our history together, how the scholarship students have excelled and the importance of our friendship. My first visit here was 25 years ago. Many of the University students, I met when they were young and some I remember when they were born.

Brenda and Donna gave out the scholarships to the 22 students along with backpacks for all the students. We also gave the grade school and middle school students notebooks, zipper pouches and pens, We gave flash drives to the high school and university students and each family also received a calendar.

We served tacos and hibiscus drinks for everyone.
 We were asked to support another university student- Jeronimo. He has been working as a mechanic in Guatemala City, but he just lost his job. He is starting university, studying to become a math teacher. How can we say no? We'll just have to do more fund raising. Jeronimo's eldest daughter just started university this month, and his wife is studying to be mental health therapist.
The motivation of these students is extraordinary. Most students work all week and attend university on Saturdays. The families share the care of the kids, cooking and live together.

The group.

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