Thursday, January 19, 2012

Martin Luther King Jr. day in Guatemala

In the past, several of our Menomonie travelers have been active in organizing celebrations for Martin Luther King Jr. day. But this year we were in Guatemala.
Fitzie, Lakayana, Marion and Warren decided to bring Martin Luther King Jr. day to Guatemala. They planned activities centered around reading a book about Martin Luther King Jr. but we weren't sure where we'd get a book. They ended up finding one at the library- La Puerta Abierta in Santiago Atitlan and the book it turns out we'd just brought down in a box of books donated by Margee Stienecker- who was on out trip in 2011! That worked out! Yeah Margee!
They did the activity with the Scholarship students in Santiago Atitlan and again in La Democracia with a gathering of children after their first day of school. Before reading Warren played Somos El Barco on his harmonica. After reading the book they got crayons out and asked the kids to draw a hero in their lives. I loved the ones that drew their Mom's. The drawings are coming back to Menomonie for some future event.

Warren playing his harmonica.

Marion reading part of the life of Martin Luther King Jr.

Ftizie reading

Lakayana reading.

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