Thursday, January 12, 2012

The group: Boating across Lake Atitlan, later at a Mayan textile cooperative.
Making history: The first men at the cooperative to try their hand at the back-strap loom.

The past few days has been a whirlwind of travel and activities as our farmer to farmer group delves ever deeper into the culture history of Guatemala. Our journey took on us through many forms of transportation including our maiden voyage across lake Atitlan via speedboat, across the country in a chicken bus and through busy cities in Tuk Tuks. We visited Thirteen Threads in Panajachel as well as a Mayan textile cooperative (see picture above) on the way to Chichicastenango where its main attraction is its famous market which is put on two times a week. The group continues to grow closer through shared experience, open minds and a love for the vibrant culture of Guatemala. Regards from us all to our friends and family back home.
Lakayana and Fitzie.

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