Monday, January 6, 2014

Photos from La Democracia, Guatemala

Today I traveled to  La Democracia with Andy and Mindy of As Green As It Gets, Les and Jamie of  Deeper Roots Coffee Roasting in Cincinnati, and Francisco Esquina and Francisco Ajuchan from our Farmer to Farmer group (El Comité) in Santiago Atitlan. Here are a few shots from today. We met with the UPC- the cooperative where our F2F women grown coffee comes from, at their brand new coffee warehouse. They are in the process of moving in and said how happy they are to own their own building. We had a great afternoon adventure visiting coffee farms up in the mountains. Wonderful mountain views and great people.

Mindy, Les, Andy, Jamie, With Jacinto, Rolando and other members of UPC.
2 varieties of coffee growing together. Beautiful
Francisco E, Francisco A and Jody

The two Francisco's walking in the coffee field.
Coffee drying

Looking at UPC's new coffee roaster.

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